Vintage Praying Male Milagro
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Vintage Praying Male Milagro

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Vintage praying male milagro. A talisman that can symbolize a husband, father, or special man in your life. A praying man or woman is also what's known as a "whole body milagro" and can be a wish for whole body healing or given as a gift when the giver is unsure what specific part of the body needs healing.

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Male figure is approximately 1" high.


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Vintage Praying Male Milagro
Vintage Praying Male Milagro

Milagros or "Miracles"

In Spanish, milagro means "miracle" or "surprise". An ancient custom in the Hispanic world, the use of these tiny offerings is traceable to the Iberians of the coastal regions of Spain between the fifth and first centuries before Christ. Made of various materials, they were attached to statues of saints or to the walls of churches as a reminder of a need or in gratitude for a prayer answered. A praying male figure can have different meanings - it may be used as a symbol of a special man in one's life or to represent the prayer's of a specific man, it can represent any male saint, or it can be symbolic of a prayer for whole body healing or given when the giver is unsure of what part of the body needs healing. Some also use the praying figure as an offering in gratitude of a prayer that's already been answered.