Wildcrafted Honeysuckle Perfume Oil
Wild Foraged in Sedona Arizona

Wildcrafted Honeysuckle Perfume Oil

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A small batch and limited edition honeysuckle oil created with thousands of hand picked blossoms in Sedona, AZ. Honeysuckle is not native to Arizona and the slight stress from the desert environment tends to give the flower a deeper, richer aroma than a honeysuckle that is grown in a wetter landscape. A slow, artisanal infusion, our honeysuckle oil is created in micro batches and can be applied as a perfume oil or used as an aromatherapeutic aid for energy work and meditation.

How To Use

Use a drop or two on the wrist, behind the ear, or on any pulse point.


Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil*, Lonicera Japonica (Honeysuckle Flower)

Sizing + Info

Approximately 6 ml / 0.2 oz
Store in a dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.
As with any of our Slow Beauty, please spot test this product for adverse reactions before use and discontinue use if irritation occurs. Please consult with a physician before using if pregnant or breastfeeding.
We recommend using our products within a year of opening. Opened Slow Beauty products are final sale.

The Bottle

Each bottle is a distinctive work of art, hand blown by a master glass artisan in Illinois, and shipped using the ancient method of cork and wax sealing.


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Wildcrafted Honeysuckle Perfume Oil
Wildcrafted Honeysuckle Perfume Oil

Our honeysuckle is responsibly foraged in Sedona, AZ by an herbalist that has been working with the plants and flowers of the Sonoran landscape for decades.

Wildcrafted Honeysuckle Perfume Oil

Honeysuckle is an ancient remedy for excess heat in the body and was used to stimulate the flow of energy and clear toxins and poisons. Aromatherapists believe that honeysuckles can free the soul from the past and help one to move forward in life free of the burdens and baggage of regret.

Wildcrafted Honeysuckle Perfume Oil
There is evidence that honeysuckle has an anti-aging effect on the skin and a small amount can be applied to the face as a skin refresher. 
Wildcrafted Honeysuckle Perfume Oil
This small batch will be the only delivery of the year and comes in a graceful, opaque hand blown glass bottle created just for this project.