Zenbunni Coffee of the Cosmos
Handmade in Venice, CA

Zenbunni Coffee of the Cosmos

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Zenbunni Coffee of the Cosmos is a rare and pure, fair trade, biodynamic blend with notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and citrus peel. Sourced from a regenerative farm in Peru that is one of only four certified biodynamic coffee farms in the world, the processes used to plant and harvest the Arabica beans follow the astrological calendar. The result is a bright, clean and balanced bean with low acidity that is a high vibrational addition to your everyday routine. The beans are roasted locally to Zenbunni and undergo less extreme heat, creating the perfect "medium" blend and retaining many of the antioxidants that can be roasted out of darker beans when more heat is applied.

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10 oz bag of whole bean coffee


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Zenbunni Coffee of the Cosmos
Zenbunni Coffee of the Cosmos
Zenbunni Coffee of the Cosmos

Zenbunni and Biodynamics

Zen and Bunni Nishimura use only ingredients grown on biodynamic farms for their artisanal chocolates and coffees. Using ancient methods, these farmers use nine preparations made from fermented manure, herbs (yarrow, chamomile, stinging nettle, oak bark, dandelion, valerian and horsetail) and the mineral silica instead of GMOs, synthetic chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides. In thoughtful cooperation with the influences of the sun, moon and planets on the earth, these biodynamic preparations are used as field sprays and in the making of compost to stimulate specific processes within the farm in order to stimulate and sustain the farm’s inherent fertility, restore on-farm biodiversity, and heal land previously thought to be non arable.