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Alana Cloud-Robinson

For our first installment of the Show and Tell Series in over a year (!) we meet poet, writer, musician, and model Alana Cloud-Robinson. Taking stock of her favorite things, Alana walks us through the things that make her feel at home in her home. 
Alana Cloud Robinson


I’m a poet, copywriter, musician and model living in Los Angeles, CA. I think my most prized possessions are the prime examples of my sort of chameleonic nature – I oscillate between a variety of styles. Some days I feel like Erykah Badu and some days I feel like Hank Williams – a good basic, classically structured white tee is always my baseline go-to because from there, I can really transform into whatever I’ve decided to be that day.


My father gave me this guitar in the early days of Covid – I’d been playing the same trusty old, beat-up one since I was 12 years old. I’m not the greatest guitar player – my talents lie in songwriting more than anything – but this one is so beautiful it makes me want to improve.


I grew up with this painting of a Damballa ceremony in my family home. I was surrounded by a lot of African iconography as a child – it’s beautiful and reminds me of my roots.


This horseshoe has traveled everywhere with me since I moved out at twenty. I'm a little superstitious and I do think it has brought me some good luck.


This bust is so special, it was my mother’s and she gave it to me when I moved out to carry yet another little piece of home with me. I believe it’s soapstone, which may account for why it cracked so easily when I accidentally dropped it last Spring. Even with her imperfections, she’s beautiful.


I found this piece in a flea market in the walled city of Lucca, Italy last January. It really jumped out at me from the rolls and rolls of old newspaper clippings and vintage medical drawings – I had to bring it home with me.


Perhaps my most prized possession of all - my wonky, $10 Goodwill cowboy hat. It makes me feel like Waylon Jennings and when I wear it, no one can tell me otherwise.



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We grapple with consumerism everyday – we are a store that sells stuff that hates waste and too much stuff. So you can imagine the collective cognitive dissonance brewing around the KB office. Our mission, for ourselves and for our store, is to dial back the urge to consume mindlessly and voraciously for no other purpose than to own lots of stuff. The opposite of a throw-away culture – a society that feels connected enough to what they own to keep it, keep it nice, and pass it on. More simply put, people save things when they feel connected to them. For our new series, Show and Tell, we’re taking a different approach to the classic Q&A and asking friends, family and followers to introduce us to some of their things, and through those things learning a lot about the person behind the piece.


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