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Charlotte Hourston

For the latest installment of Show & Tell, we meet Charlotte Hourston – creative, model, and founder of Charlie Beads. From fresh cut flowers to her collection of jewelry crafted out of upcycled beads, she shares with us a few of her favorite things. 

charlotte hourston


I would call myself a vintage collector, thriftaholic, small business owner and supporter, model, and artist. I'm most content when working on projects, creating things with my hands, and working with badass women <3 My style is classic and bold at the same time. I love playing with colors and shapes when getting dressed. I think it's important for a woman to feel empowered by her clothing.

charlotte hourston

She went into labor with me when she was trying these on! I love these so much. The square toe is just amazing.

charlotte hourston

Trying to drink 4 of these giant mason jars a day while I work from home.


I always have them in my house. The colors are so rich and make me feel warm inside when I look at them. I adore their prickly beauty. I buy them at Rick's Produce in Silverlake, they have the best smoothies too!

 charlotte hourston

My little view of the Hollywood sign and Griffith Observatory – I love LA.

charlotte hourston

Are you kidding me... these are so special. I am obsessed with animal charms, they have become a big part of my brand. I am in awe of all the different species on our planet.



Beading has consumed 150% of my life since last year... I work 25 hours 9 days a week! I can't get enough, making jewelry is a mind-blowing experience. Bringing my visions to life makes me incredibly happy, especially since other people like them too. I'm so grateful this has turned into such a fun business!



I'm currently studying fashion design at Parsons the New School and have been pushing myself creatively in so many mediums. Drawing, sewing, photography, photoshop etc. Spending more time at home has me in touch with all my hobbies, creative mediums and interests. These animals represent the delicate and elegant world of Charlie Beads. My universe.


charlotte hourston

This book my dad sent me for Christmas. Full of so many inspirations. Photography is something I also love to experiment with.



Follow Charlotte on Instagram. Find out more about Charlie Beads here



We grapple with consumerism everyday – we are a store that sells stuff that hates waste and too much stuff. So you can imagine the collective cognitive dissonance brewing around the KB office. Our mission, for ourselves and for our store, is to dial back the urge to consume mindlessly and voraciously for no other purpose than to own lots of stuff. The opposite of a throw-away culture – a society that feels connected enough to what they own to keep it, keep it nice, and pass it on. More simply put, people save things when they feel connected to them. For our new series, Show and Tell, we’re taking a different approach to the classic Q&A and asking friends, family and followers to introduce us to some of their things, and through those things learning a lot about the person behind the piece.


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