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The backbone of the Slow Beauty collection being glass, we were intrigued to discover that a school teaching this ancient craft exists right in our own backyard. GlassRoots believes that the art of glass blowing can be transformative – a non-profit located in Newark, NJ their mission is to bring back the richness and vitality of the city by focusing on the creativity of the city’s under-served youth and young adults.




Founded in 2001, the school seeks to engage young people with 'the fire and danger of glassmaking' – working with 2200 degree fire and molten glass, students are immersed in real-life chemistry, physics, and math and must have the patience and discipline to creatively solve problems while working as a part of a team. As a member of this vibrant community they gain confidence as they experience the power of their own creativity.






GlassRoots students are taught invaluable skills of entrepreneurship as they develop and market their own products, and the school provides a workforce development program, scientific glass apprenticeships, and craft entrepreneurship programs to give older students the skills they need to enter the working world.




This limited edition topaz glass bottle was hand blown at the school and all proceeds from their sale will be donated to GlassRoots to help them continue their important work in the community.






Imagery courtesy of GlassRoots

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